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Continuing Education in Systems Thinking

Universitŕ della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Lugano, Switzerland

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Participants' Photo Album

The following pictures have kindly been contributed by participants and are reproduced here with their permission. Contributors are marked in the legend assigned to each picture. I have tried to select a number of pictures that together (I hope) make up an interesting page; in some cases I have edited the pictures so that they fit in better or look sharper, or to optimize the trade-off between quality and file size. Pardon me if I should not have selected your favorite picture(s). Many thanks for sharing your pictures with the rest of us. – W. Ulrich, Director LSS


Peter's class of 2003  © JA Ortega 2003


Juan Antonio & friends with Prof. Checkland  © JA Ortega 2003

A corner of USI Lugano campus  © JA Ortega 2003


The "Systems Planning" class of 2003  © R. Morales and S. Flores 2003

The "Systems Planning" class of 2003  © R Morales 2003, similarly S Flores 2003


"Ing. Yasfani" showing off his LSS diploma © C.Y. Aguilar 2003

Ricardo Morales with School Director © R. Morales 2003

Ing. Yasfani showing off his LSS diploma  © CY Aguilar 2003

Richardo Morales with the School Director, Werner Ulrich  © R Morales 2003

Colleagues in class  © R. Morales 2003

Watch me in Lugano!  © R. Morales 2003

Colleagues in class  © R Morales 2003

Watch me in Lugano!  © R Morales 2003


Partial views of Lugano from the Monte San Salvatore cable car  © JA Ortega 2003

View from Monte San Salvatore above Lugano: the dam of Melide  © JA Ortega 2003


Celebrating Gina's birthday on Lake Lugano

Iván and Alfredo

Lake Lugano boat party (from the left): Gina, Alfredo, Vicki, Kathy, Carmen, Gonzalo, Hansmartin, Iván & Werner  © A Garibay 2002

Don Iván & Don Alfredo  © W Ulrich 2002


Reporting from Zermatt: Gina ... and Alex

Zermatt: experiencing the Matterhorn ( 4'478m - 14,700 ft )

Reporting from Zermatt: Gina ... and Alex
(roll over the picture)  © A Garibay 2002

Zermatt: experiencing the Matterhorn  © A Garibay 2002

Glacier Express on the way from St. Moritz to Zermatt

Matterhorn Her Majesty

With the "Glacier Express" from St. Moritz to Zermatt: Gonzalo, Alex, Sylvia & Gina (roll over the picture)  © G Cruz 2002

Gonzalo on close terms with the Matterhorn
(roll over the picture)   © G Cruz 2002


Challenging the Swiss Alps: Alex

Adventure skiing: Gonzalo

Challenging the Alps: Alex the great  © A Garibay 2002

Adventure skiing: speedy Gonzalo  © G Cruz 2002


The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italiy)

The Coliseum in Rome

Barcelona's cathedral

The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy)  © G Cruz 2002

The Coliseum of Rome  © G Cruz 2002

The cathedral of Barcelona (Spain)  © A Garibay 2002


Visiting Monaco: Pablo & Gonzalo

At the French Riviera: Nizza

Visiting Monaco: Pablo & Gonzalo  © G Cruz 2002

At the French Riviera: Nizza  © G Cruz 2002


Venice: San Marco  © R. Morales 2003

Venice: Canal Grande  © R. Morales 2003

Venice: San Marco  © R Morales 2003

Ricardo con novia  © R Morales 2003

Venice: Canal Grande  © R Morales 2003


Venice gondola

Rome: the Vatican's Saint Peter place

Iván and Gonzalo in a Venice gondola  © G Cruz 2002

Rome: the Vatican  © G Cruz 2002


In the streets of Bern

Friends in Bern

In the streets of Bern  © A Garibay 2002

Friends in Bern: Gonzalo, Kathy, Gina, Alex  © A Garibay 2002


Graduation day  All pictures  © A Garibay & W Ulrich 2002

Happy Hansmartin

Friends showing off their diplomas

Victor celebrating his graduation with a Swiss T-shirt

Friends showing off their diplomas: Gerardo, Paulina, Sabino & José Manuel ...
plus in Swiss T-shirts: Victor, Arturo Jesús, Carlos, Oscar & Arturo (roll over the picture)

Victor starring       

                      Happy Hansmartin  

Werner congratulating Gonzalo

Sylvia gets her diploma

Paulina graduating

Werner congratulating Gonzalo

Sylvia receiving her diploma

Paulina graduating


All pictures © by the contributors marked / web page © by Lugano Summer School  


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